Charles Dada

Hi, welcome to my Blog.

I started writing many years ago, but have only recently decided to publish anything.  Once I started writing seriously, ideas seemed to come from nowhere and past memories took on a new significance.  It even helped to explain some of the things that have happened in the past that have been troubling me for a long time.  Of course, the fantasies are, well, just fantasies.  But they entertain me and I hope they will you too.  Also, I thought it would be a good idea to get some thoughts down in a more permanent form before the dreaded dementia kicks in, if it ever does, which I hope not.  My Grandad lived to be 92 (my Mother’s present age) and my Great Grandmother was 102 when she died, and they were all as bright as a chromium button.

At school I was given encouragement to read from my English teacher, a Mr Elliot, who everyone called “Gandhi” on account of his bald head, which was vasalined over the top with a few strands of greenish hair.  I even had a little piece published in the school magazine called “How to Byke”, which was part plaguerised from a short story by Anthony Armstrong called “How to Yot”, and which I am sure directed my sense of humour and led me to the the multiple joys of cycling and sailing in later life.  The rest of my writing and drawing was mainly for private consumption.

Writing, as an art form, was then subsumed in years of learning to be, and practising as, an Architect.  Reports, letters, analyses, descriptions and specifications were the daily grind, but at least I had to be precise.  One just lived one’s life, until disaster struck (a divorce) and I was left bereft and lonely for seven years.  But at least I had the freedom and some resources to explore a new life that gave me many adventures, experiences, and disappointments in my search for a way out.  That’s what most of my writing is about now, but there are lots of other ideas waiting to come to fulfilment.  Now happily married for thirty years to a very understanding and well-read wife, I am privileged to be able to write with all the tools of the personal computer and world-wide-web available to me in a way that could not have been imagined even ten years ago.

I have self-published a few books and short stories on Amazon’s CreateSpace and Kindle Direct, but with little success so far.  Perhaps the blog will encourage sales, or maybe I should start giving copies away for free! Though there’s no guarantee that anyone will like them!  However, I will be eternally grateful to Amazon and WordPress for giving me the opportunity for free!


The World is approaching catastrophe.

It is mostly controlled by Oodles; can The Founder save it from its fate?

Join the adventures of the Substitutes and the Rebels as they too try to head off disaster.

What is the future of Mankind; and what is its past?


Follow Jack’s progress through the swinging sixties, the soporific seventies, and the reawakening eighties, as he tries to find that special person who will be his life-long lover and companion.
Will he ever be successful, or is he doomed to eternal disappointment? Whatever the outcome, he always stays optimistic and has lots of fun trying!


An odyssey of sun, sea, and fleeting friendships, when Jack goes on a sailing holiday to the beautiful Greek island of Paxos in the Ionian Sea.
Will he, and those he meets, find their dreams, and receive their true prize?
Essential reading if you are planning a sailing holiday with people you don’t know!


Follow the thoughts and adventures of Jenny, David, Marc, and Arthur as they set off on a coach tour of Andalucía.
Events are not quite as they appear from the start, and Jenny’s vivid imagination is taken over by disaster as she descends into a maelstrom of horror and sexual fantasy.
Only love and her own strong recuperative powers can save her from an eternal void, resurrecting her in a shocking denouement. The novel is an explicit exploration of sexuality, and the identity forming crises of childhood and religion.



5 comments on “Charles Dada

  1. Charles Dada says:

    Hello from Charles Laurence Dada. I wonder if we are related. Did your family come from North Dakota? I hope you email me.


  2. belindacrane says:

    I just love your writing voice! You have most certainly captured my interest and I’m looking forward to reading your creations! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Thank you, Charles, for your thought-provoking fiction and for sharing some of your personal story. I’m in the process of becoming an indie writer, but find myself forever re-writing a novel that I finished in the 90’s.

    Have you read “How to Sell Fiction on Kindle,” by Alvear? In my ignorant rookie opinion, it seems to be required reading for our cause.

    Hang in there, keep writing fiction, and keep “following” and “liking” other blogs on as often as possible. Also, they say we should develop our own private email list, which anyone can start for free with Maybe give away an ebook or short story in exchange for email addresses. That’s what I’m doing, but it’s a slow-growing process.

    All my best,


    • dadachuck says:

      Thanks for your interest and likes. I will certainly be following your advice and hope you find future blogs interesting. Like you, I revise and edit a lot; it’s all part of the process. But I do try to write some new things as well; it seems to get easier and there are lots of ideas out there and “in” there.

      Liked by 1 person

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